1.2 million mile battery for your Tesla

There is a Chinese battery manufacturer with claims of a production ready 1.2 million mile battery, that is a lifespan of 16 years.

This is a stark difference to most current manufacturers who offer restricted range warranties up to 150,000 miles with a maximum of 8 years.

The Chinese manufacturer has yet to reveal who the technology will be supplied to, however it was previously revealed that it was developed in collaboration with Tesla.

Chairman of Contemporary Amperex Technology Zeng Yuqun said, “If someone places an order, we are ready to produce”.

The cost is only a 10% premium on the batteries that are currently produced.

A two year deal has been signed with many suppliers for the prior products the company has created including, BMW, Honda, Toyota, VW and Tesla.

As we all are aware the demand for electric vehicles is on the rise, and given the inevitability that we will run out of fossil fuel now is the right time to start considering alternative power sources.

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