With our whole product range, we will take key factors of your lifestyle to make the ideal recommendation for you. This is a new way for you to find the best suited products for what you need. As with all of our product recommendations we will also offer the choice of where you could buy them at the best price. Please have a look below to see what we have up and coming for you.


We have a huge catalog of phones, so that you can find what you need.


You have probably spent a lot of time around televisions, but is your television the best fit for you?


Not only will we recommend the right vehicle for your lifestyle, but we will also recommend a place to buy it, with Drover and their just add fuel policy.

Smart Home

This is quite a futuristic feeling piece of kit, a assistant for your home, but which one will be best suited for your needs?

Plenty more products will be available, however is there anything in particular which you would like a recommendation for? Let us know and we will add it to our fast growing personal recommendation service.

Fitness Trackers

There’s loads out there available, but would all of them work for you and your fitness habits? Let us do the hard work for you and check.

Cameras/Action Cameras

Snap, it’s that easy… or is it, what’s your camera like do you need an upgrade?

Smart Technology

This includes all household tech like lights, blinds and even heating. Could this be something that makes your life easier? We can let you know with our clever algorithms.


Although most are pretty set on what we like, could we sway you with the argument that you could get a tablet which is more suited for you?

Computers / Laptops

Do any of us really know what we need from a computer? Let us check for you and save you masses of time.