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Here’s some helpful advice to get you using Rec

Click ‘Log in’ in the upper-right corner of the screen.
On the Log in screen you will need to enter your email address, this email address will be the same for
each time you access the site.
Next step, type in your password. Your password will be between 8-20 characters.  You may use lower
or upper case letters a-z, numbers 0-9 and the following characters !”£$%^&*()_+=-.  Your password
will be case sensitive. If you are using your regular computer, mobile or tablet, select the remember
me button to save yourself some time for when you next fancy a recommendation.
Once complete click the orange sign in button, this will automate an email for you to ensure that no-
one is trying to use your email address without your knowledge.
You can also log in with Facebook if its your first time, simply click the Facebook link.

Great you’re in, now you will get multiple
recommendations and we will be able to start helping
you to save time and money on your online shopping.

Have you forgotten your details?

I you are having any trouble getting into the site try clicking the Forgot Password? hyperlink and we
will drop you an email to help out.

Problems remembering your email address?

Your email address will be the same as the one which you originally used when accessing the site, not
sure what this was? Well you can either create another account or contact us and we will do our best
to help.

Logging in and is it worth it:

You will receive additional recommendations from us on the products which will best suit your lifestyle.
Not only that, we will be able to track your searches and narrow down what makes you tick. The
further recommendations which we will be able to gather will become more targeted for you and what
you need for your lifestyle.
From laptops and cameras to washing machines and cars – we will have thousands of products to
recommend for you, and we’re constantly adding new results online every day. Our knowledge of the
tech allows us to offer this to you. And its free of charge to sign up.
We aim to offer the best prices for the ideal recommendations for your lifestyle.
Our recommendations will also recommend where you can buy the device at the right price for you.
We will also offer further help and advice for what you need.
Try reading our blogs to give you a better understanding of what’s currently available and what we
think of it. Also including interesting future insights to up and coming tech, gadgets and loads more.

Using BuyRecommended.com

Find out a little more about how to use our site.

Who can access buyrecommended.com?
Everyone! we want to ensure that no-one is restricted in what
they can get from us, and logging in will give you even more!
What if the product I want isn’t being recommended?

We keep a comprehensive database of as many products as we can but if there's something you want
to see, let us know and we will get the info. Also you can have a look at comparisons to check your
current tech against our recommendation and see why it’s best for you.

Why is my recommendation not what I wanted?

Our service is designed to recommend the most ideal product for your lifestyle, however if you have
already decided what you want then why not just have a look as it might save you some time and