$1,000 seems normal for a computer, but for a stand?

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 took place on Monday afternoon this week 03/06/2019.

Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus made shockwaves with his announcement, but not the kind Apple wanted.

Many Apple executives took the stage to show off the new changes which Apple would be pioneering this year.

One of the biggest talking points for specialists was the new Mac Pro, Apple’s big daddy of computers intended for professionals.

Ikea getting in on the joke already

Looking a bit like a cheese grater, but still better than the previous entry, commonly known as the trash can. It will still undoubtably be a powerful bit of kit.

Previous Mac Pro offering, the trash can

John Ternus clearly drew the short straw, as he has to announce the new monitor stand, and most notably, the cost.

Although the Mac Pro $6000, and the Pro Display XDR monitor $5000, gathered some cheers when mentioned, the stand for the monitor is $999, which is in the realms of an iPhone XS.

That’s not to say it isn’t a nice looking product. But can a stand ever be worth nearly a grand?

We often joke about Apple’s ‘not included’ policy. With audio jack converters not part of the package with their phones etc. So announcing the $999 price tag of just a stand you would be forgiven for thinking Apple are in on the joke. But it seems not.

There have been a few laughs as Apple’s expense.

Reaction on social media to the announcement of the cost were mirroring that of the impression from the audience inside the conference auditorium, which was deadpan.
The kind of near silence that screams “You have got to be kidding!”.

However, the fingers of those displeased Apple veterans started to fire at the keyboards voicing their displeasure.
And of course, the internet responded in it’s typical fashion.

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