108 Megapixel Camera on a Mobile

Samsung claim their soon to be released S11 handset camera will revolutionise how we use our phones.

Isocell Bright HMX.

Working with Xiaomi a new 108-megapixel image sensor has been created with ‘a resolution equivalent to that of a high-end DSLR camera’

A change like this signals the mobile camera phone becoming one of the best cameras on the market in the future.

Samsung commented on their image sensor saying it, ‘enables extremely sharp photographs rich in detail’, due to it being, ‘one-of-a-kind’.

It has been designed to absorb additional light in dim areas compared with that of older sensors, which allows better photography in the dark.

In the past Samsung cameras have peaked at a resolution of 64 megapixels even on their flagship phones, meaning this is a drastic improvement.

‘Samsung is continuously pushing for innovations in pixel and logic technologies to engineer our Isocell image sensors to capture the world as close to how our eyes perceive them,’ said Yongin Park, executive vice president of sensor business at Samsung Electronics.

‘Through close collaboration with Xiaomi, Isocell Bright HMX is the first mobile image sensor to pack over 100 million pixels and delivers unparalleled colour reproduction and stunning detail with advanced Tetracell and Isocell Plus technology.’

The tech will go into production next month and we are looking forward to seeing the culmination of the future camera.

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