2024 Apple self-driving passenger vehicle to take the streets

2024 might be the year that Apple is aiming for a passenger vehicle to take the streets with breakthrough batteries and self-driving.

Apple has previously mentioned development of a car, back in 2015 people were overly excited at the news.

However, the project was scaled down drastically as Apple committed to working with car manufacturers on their tech instead.

This has led to Apple reducing the workforce designated to the project by large numbers including 200 workers laid off from the team last year.

Now it seems Apple may be changing their mind on bringing us a car, it isn’t like Apple hasn’t changed their minds before.

Reuters has announced Apples’ new plans, but these could be shifted “into 2025 or beyond” due to the pandemic.

There is also a chance that they may circle back and just create the tech, the whole report is quite vague on what is going on.

The report explains that Apple is not outsourcing some of the components of self-driving technology

If self-driving is a route that Apple is looking to take, they are going to have some difficulty getting there as other manufacturers have proven.

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