5G from O2

Finally all 4 of the UK’s leading networks will be operating on 5G in October. However, are O2 too late as Vodafone and EE will have been live for months at that point. Three are also due to launch their broadband assisted 5G concept in August.

Well we think that this isn’t going to harm O2 as despite launching the 5G earlier, the leading networks don’t have many handsets to offer the superior speeds on.

O2 will initially cover London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds and Slough with their 5G network. After the initial launch they aim to spread to 20 cities in the UK by the end of 2019 and 50 cities by mid 2020, partially assisted by the team up with Vodafone.

Social hubs are the first targets for the network, like sports stadiums, shopping malls, transport hubs like train stations, and music venues, and it suggested that it could be several years before there’s dense residential penetration.

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