A final decision has been made on Huawei in UK 5G

A decision has been made by the UK government today, to allow Huawei to continue being used in the the nations growing 5G network, but there’s a couple of rules.

It has taken a long time to get to this point since the original warnings of Chinese government having access to Huawei data.

However, the decision has been made today, for better or worse, it is said that without the input from Huawei it would take much longer to create a stable 5G network in the UK.

The US still believe this to be a mistake, despite continued intermittent usage of the manufacturer for the handsets and other hardware.

Stephane Teral from IHS Markit agrees with the decision that has been made saying, “I think it’s a pragmatic decision that brings stability and continuity in the 5G ecosystem,”

“Huawei has been investing in the UK and in other countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, and Poland since the beginning of this century. A ban would have been disastrous.”

Despite some positive thoughts on the decision, it is clear that this decision could have major drawbacks when considering the UK/US relationship going forward.

The UK government has basically ignored warnings from its greatest allies in the world, this could have severe implications as trade deals are discussed, following Brexit.

The Trump administration has admitted “disappointment” with the decision made by the UK, and several US senators have tweeted their disgust.

But, on the other hand China will be very pleased with the decision reached, as it is to allow one of China’s most important and valuable companies to continue operating in the UK.

The British government had received warnings from Chinese diplomats if a alternate decision had been reached, they stated “substantial” repercussions to investment and trade plans could have occurred.

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