A life-saving smartphone app what3words

Kicked. Converged. Soccer.

The random words, would you have guessed that they have just saved the lives of a group of hikers.

Alone, lost and cold, is how a group of hikers found themselves whilst taking a meander through Hamsterley Forest, England on Sunday.

But, they were saved all thanks to their phones, well a geolocating app to exact, using what3words they were able to successfully pass their location to rescuers.

The BBC reports, at 22:30 BST “they were able to find a spot with phone signal and dial for emergency services.”

“We were in a field and had no idea where we were,” Tinsley told the BBC. “It was absolutely horrendous. I was joking about it and trying to laugh because I knew if I didn’t laugh I would cry.”

As soon as they got through to emergency services, the call handler told them to download an app called what3words.

“I had never heard of it,” Tinsley said.

But within a minute of the app being downloaded, the police said they had the exact location of the stranded hikers and a rescue team was on its way to get them.

The County Durham police department later tweeted that the group was safely found.

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