A new Goliath of internet streaming

The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hasting had his say about the up and coming “rivals”, Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus. Competing streaming services expected on the market in November.

In Cambridge last week at a conference hosted by the Royal Television Society Hasting said,“a whole new world starting in November”, which could be him foreseeing the launch of the new streaming avenues, which he deems to be “tough competition,”.

However, this is great news for the viewers as the streaming services will now have to up their game to compete, and we will likely see now content delivered as well as blockbuster films competing with Sky for early broadcasting on the streaming services.

However, it has also come to our ears that Netflix have been tightening their purse strings on the content they are developing, and with more emphasis on bringing in viewer numbers could this tread them in bad territory when you are to have the likes of Disney with a wealth of ready to go content.

Netflix subscriber numbers for 2019 haven’t kept up with their forecast either, so might these new players mean the toppling of a giant.

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