Alexa, can you call Alexa

Alexa can now be asked to call your mobile phone contacts, giving you hands-free calling on the couch and Vodafone Red will allow for even more features.

If you like the sound of that then it could not be easier to set the system up and once you have done so, Alexa will be able to contact any of your phone contacts. So from the sofa whilst bingeing on Netflix you can order a take out without lifting your fingers.

This service has been available to the US, Canada and Mexico for a while now, but now is the time for the United Kingdom. At present, you can use the device to call other Alexa devices, however being able to call anyone just seems more fun.

Could this mean that we lose sight of those with Alexa devices though, as realistically they no longer have to move, they can order their take out and get it delivered to wherever they want as Dominoes employees have proven.

Even better news is on route for those of you who are Vodafone Red customers as they have just released the fact that Alexa will also be able to receive calls, this is thanks to the OneNumber service. Alexa will announce to you who calls, so you do not need to look at your phone to check it is not a PPI call.

Another great feature for those who misplace their phones is the fact that with OneNumber your phone does not need to be charged or even with you in order for you to take a call. So do not worry if you lose your phone whilst on a night out, cause you still be able to order a hungover lunch the following day.

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