Alexa in the US can now hear if the oven timer is on

Alexa in the US can now hear any sound you want it to and action reminders such as when the sink has been running or if the oven timer is on.

The expanded sound detection routines are due to begin rolling out next week, having first revealed plans in September.

The new functionality will allow you to programme Alexa to listen out for certain sounds like running water or an oven timer, meaning the Christmas turkey may not be overcooked this year.

This new feature will allow you to programme in sounds which were previously unrecognisable for Alexa.

There is also a Conversation Mode being rolled out in this update, allowing Alexa to join a conversation without having to say the wake word.

Alexa will be able to join any conversation, and it will be made visible to the user through the surround of the screen being blue, if you no longer want a robot listening to your conversation then just say “Leave this conversation.

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