All apps on the Apple store have to detail the data they collect

All apps displayed on the Apple store will now have to show detail on the data they collect and what it will then be used for.

From yesterday developers had to show what information would be gathered on you when you are using their application.

Apple has also offered information on it’s own apps and how your data will be used by the company.

You may notice when you open an app for the first time you have to enable a lot of setting such as location and the ability to access your photos.

But now you will be made aware even prior to installing the application, and you will also know how they use the data.

Apps will also have to state whether they are sharing your information with advertisers or third parties.

This doesn’t mean you will be able to opt out, so if you do install the app it will still have access to the information.

Apps will also have to disclose if they are using information that has been collected from sites you have visited for advertising.

Apple has said that the reason they are forcing developers to make these disclosures is to “focus the minds” of both developers and consumers.

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