All day battery #Lenovo

What could you do with a day of battery on your laptop? Well you may be about to find out with a spill from an undisclosed Lenovo employee.

Lenovo are soon to be releasing 5G laptops which have batteries to last all day, according to 91mobiles, after speaking to an anonymous Lenovo employee.

With 5G really being the buzz word at the moment its hardly a surprise that every market wont be jumping on board, 5G watches and key chains coming next.
All joking aside, with the faster speeds that 5G is able to offer its great that we will have that functionality in laptops as well as phones.

The leak also speculated that Lenovo is working alongside Intel and Qualcomm in order to produce future proof laptops with day long batteries. (Perhaps they could offer these to electric cars as well).

Project Athena

According to the source the new gen of laptops could also feature Project Athena, which is Intel’s faster, thinner and with supreme batteries.

Alongside this Qualcomm are working with manufacturers to produce machines running on their Snapdragon platform, bringing some of the best features of smartphones: instant boot, always-connected mobile internet, increased battery lives.

This is leaked news at present and we cannot be sure of the intent of the source so take it with a pinch of salt, but the horizon for the future of laptops is looking good.

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