All new Amazon Alexa Echo Auto for your car

Amazon have finally built an Alexa the Echo Auto for your car, just launched in the UK and Ireland and powered by either a USB or 12V power outlet.

Alexa will then work directly with your car stereo via a 3.5 audio cable or Bluetooth, which means you can use Alexa while you drive.

She can control the volume of the stereo, what you want to listen to, make calls and send texts and even schedule in your calendar appointments.

In order to use the device it will need to be connected to the internet, this will either mean using a personal hotspot of a mini car Wi-Fi if you have one.

Alexa seems to be getting everywhere at the moment, Amazon has been offering the service to third parties to host on their hardware.

The Alexa unit has also been selected as the smart home of choice for many big brands, now offering Alexa enabled smart devices.

One thing Amazon did comment on while developing the in-car Alexa or Echo Auto was that they had some trouble decontaminating the sound, due to road noise.

However, they confirmed they did manage to overcome this and Alex responds well to both the road noise and music already being played.

The Echo Auto is coming to the market at £49.99 so similarly priced to the Echo Dot.

“Customers tell us they want to take Alexa with them everywhere they go. We’re delighted to offer them an easy way to add Alexa to the car they already own,”

Amazon devices EU vice president, Eric Saarnio said. “With Echo Auto, customers can now enjoy the convenience of Alexa on the road, giving them the ability to play music, make calls, continue their audiobook, play games, manage their reminders and more-all just by using their voice.”

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