Amazon Christmas novelty Alexa Santa Clouse

Amazon has that Christmas feeling with a new novelty Alexa voice of Santa Clouse capable of singling songs and tilling seasonal jokes.

To enable the skill simply enable the skill then say, ”Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa,’” then you’ll be able to ask Santa to tell stories and sing songs.

There are some go to questions for Father Christmas, including am I naughty or nice”, which is the quick way to find out whether you’ll be getting coal.

Basically provided you say, ”Hey Santa” instead of ”Hey Alexa” then he’ll respond for you.

Santa Claus Alexa is able to handle a huge variety of the common Alexa prompts, making a bit of festive fun easier this year despite your drunk aunt telling embarrassing stories after one too many mulled wines.

Best of all you wont have to pay for this feature, simply say ”Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa’” to get started.

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