Amazon has launched a child-friendly version of the Echo Dot

Amazon has launched a new child-friendly version of the Echo Dot smart speaker to the UK following successful deployment in the US.

You’ll have the option of either a panda or tiger to kit out your new Amazon smart speaker, which is being released as a learning tool for children to have fun and learn with Alexa

Critics quickly stepped in after the announcement stating the parents should be aware that this will also collect data on their children.

“We conduct robust testing and research and have strict measures in place for Echo Dot Kids, Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ that protect children and provide parents with transparency and control over the experience, creating a safe space in which kids can learn and have fun,” the BBC were told.

Amazon has explained the reason that we have been behind the US in receiving the device is due to challenges in expanding content for other countries and languages.

this may seem strange considering Americans also speak English, the device will however be delivered with one years worth of free Amazon kids.

entitling the user of the device to child friendly content including skills and audio books.

the device will also feature parental controls allowing parents to block things they consider as explicit such as lyrics to songs as well as being able to set bedtime’s.

Alexa will also feature a magic word setting which will reward children for using the word please, possibly this is something they should introduce to all Alexa devices.

Privacy experts have said that parents should think twice before buying the device for their children, as it will take their digital privacy from them.

It Has been claimed that Alexa records all information whether the activate word has been used or not, and this information could be shared with third parties.

The new Alexa Echo Dot Kids will be released on the 21st of July with an RRP or £59.99, but will you be buying one?

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