Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10

Amazon for years has spread the point about the Fire range, cheap tablets still have a worthwhile space on the shelves.

The ongoing onslaught from Amazon has been fantastic fire tab after fire tab, however does the Fire 10 meet up with market demand?

$149 Fire HD 10

The Good The Bad
It’s cheap There are no Google services out of the box
It has a great screen for the price It feels as cheap as it costs
It’s great for Amazons own content It’s slow for a 2019 device
It has a USB-C

Amazon have made some upgrades, including the core processor which is now a 2.0GHz Octa-core processor, Amazon say making it 30% faster.

Battery life has also seen an improvement with 20% more screen time now available.

Of course as with most android over Apple products, you get your external storage, 512GB of it. and also a second antenna that gives you signal whether the device be portrait or landscape.

However, that doesn’t make up for the hardware, which feels remarkably cheap for such a giant company to entertain sending out to its customer base. The software is also noticeably incredibly slow and if you are used to jumping between apps, or loading a game in seconds, you will not be experiencing anything the like with this rendition of the Fire.

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