Amazon new Echo Show 8 best affordable smart device

Amazon has released the new Echo Show 8 and it may be the best affordable smart device on sale right now.

The new device is now larger and far more capable then the echo show currently on sale, yet it is still a very affordable smart device.

You could use the device for watching movies, listening to music or just getting the latest weather update.

But with its upgraded camera it’s now suited even better for video calls if you’re not looking to get out and about post pandemic.

Most of the features on the new Alexa are very similar to what you would expect from Amazon.

Performance has been operated from the previous model, however most of the components remain the same, that’s not to say it’s not worth considering if you need a smart device.

It Now features the 13 mega pixel camera, which previously came as standard with the echo show 10, replacing the one mega pixel camera that was originally on the device.

You can now use Skype, Zoom or Amazon Chime for making video calls, we are pleased to see that they are now more cooperative with working with third party companies including Netflix and YouTube among others.

The new processor in this the 2nd Gen does make the smart display quicker to respond to taps and swipes, although the Amazon software still has some way to go to be comparable to Apple and Samsung.
In styling the device looks exactly the same as the previous generation, you can still get the device in white or black.

The display also remains the same 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, however it also has the ability to adjust the colour and white balance dependent on lighting.

Like many companies at the moment Amazon has also dropped the 3.5 millimetre headphone jack so you can’t plug it in to external speakers.

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