Amazon Prime Video in-app purchases

Amazon Prime Video in-app purchases are now a thing, allowing users to rent or buy movies and series from their handset.

Previously Amazon users would have had to drop out of the app and into a browser to make purchases, but now they can do it all in one place.

Apple has allowed Amazon to use their own payment system within the app, meaning Amazon users in the US, UK and Germany will not be paying a surcharge to Apple.

Before now 30% commission for in-app purchases was charged and it had to use the Apple payment method.

Many companies have exclaimed that the Apple 30% charge is unfair, however Apple has now made exceptions for “qualifying premium video entertainment apps”.

Spotify are not included in this category and have filed a complaint with the European regulators.

Spotify sees the 30% fee as a tax and went on to say that it would lead to artificial inflation of their prices.

Most Apple devices will be updated with this new functionality from Wednesday the 1st of April, when you open your device Amazon will show a notification to let you know if your device is included.

“Browse, rent, or buy new release movies, popular TV shows, and more – now within the app,”

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