An Avatar inspired concept car from Mercedes-Benz and James Cameron

James Cameron directed, wrote, produced, and co-edited the most epic science fiction film of all time, Avatar, and now working with Mercedes-Benz has developed a concept car.

The all electric autonomous vehicle has bionic flaps all round to show hoe man and machine can merge to live responsibly in nature.

AVTR is the name given to the futuristic concept unveiled at the CES 2020.

The car is very much a concept and like most concepts it will be very unlikely to see one on the roads ever, however the show stopping design is something you can only gawp at.

The key reason this car was brought along by Mercedes is to highlight the work they will be doing on sustainability, which will continue throughout the life cycle of the cars offered in the future including the plant where they are built in, the materials they use and the batteries.

This concept is lacking all components you would need to drive a vehicle including the steering wheel and pedals, because its theoretically entirely autonomous.

The interior of the care is dubbed as “vegan” presumably as they haven’t used leather, however that does not distinguish it from a lot of cars already available today.

The dashboard as with most concepts and some vehicles available today is a wrap around panoramic display, however unlike most cars the screen continues down the central console of the car.

The “driver” or at least the person sat in the front of the can can then control the vehicle using this screen, this will bring the car to life and it will continue to recognise the pulse and breath of that person, they can then lift their palm and hold it toward a projected light, from this light they can then squeeze their hand an the car will just go.

The whole vehicle is made of sustainable materials including the battery, which is recycled, something which we should really start thinking about.

The car is also able to crab at 30 degrees, giving it great maneuverability in confined spaces, or for parking in London.

The scales on the vehicle are actually multi-directional movable parts and there at 33 of them.

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