Android? Must you look any further than the Samsung Galaxy

The new, much anticipated Galaxy an easy buy for just about everyone, or is it?

For most the world of smartphones has only 2 key players. The Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone, but is that still the case with new handsets coming into the world from Nokia, Huewei and Google. Well for the purpose of this article, we are simply going to ignore they exist, because even now if you have been brought up on Samsung or Apple there is little chance you are going to divert to a new player despite the rising costs. We are now used to seeing a smartphone at £1000.

Well to put it simply the Samsung S10 is a great phone not only have they kept to the same logic used in the S8/S9, but they have turned the tech up a notch!

Its an easy phone to look at with its great styling, fantastic hardware and a best-in-class display. The new wide-angle camera is a treat, and the photography experience is fast and consistent. Although you will have to set aside a bit of time to set it up for your liking.

The Good

  • Best-ever smartphone display
  • Top-end specs
  • Filled with useful hardware and software features
  • Fun triple camera
  • Headphone jack

The Bad

  • Fingerprint sensor, slow
  • Software requires tweaks and management
  • Main camera doesn’t match Pixel 3
  • Charging speed behind the competition


The styling is gorgeous, and with the limited bezels it really makes light work of and tasks, even great  for watching a film or series on the move. The one thing to note is the edge, having previously lived with the edge design, it can be awkward reaching across the screen to reach for an app annd accidently triggering the edge itself.

The stereo speakers give you a treat with roughly 60/40 split between the bottom and top. It’s awesome to see that Samsung have maintained the improved upon the attention to detail which we have seen in the past.

The screen shows us the same real estate is displayed in the recently released Note 9, however its smaller lighter and it even has a better battery.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Cameras

The photos are really good. I’m just struggling to find the places where they’re appreciably better than the great photos from previous Samsung cameras over the past 2 years.

To Summarize

The Galaxy S10 is close as possible to fulfilling the promise of providing the best all-rounded usability for the majority of the market, if that majority have £1000 to spend on a phone. I would recommend the Samsung S10 as the handset for most people, it really is a great little gadget 9/10.