Android TV is on the horizon, and the horizon is looking good

The Android TV has been everywhere recently, growing left right and centre, but the devices we have all been waiting for will be coming sooner than you think. There have been a few concerns raised in regard to the ecosystem which they are to be released into, however Google seem to have no fear and have confirmed that 5,000 apps will be made available for the Android TV.

We have some interesting details about the platform and the hardware it runs on as we get it.

Android TV now has 5,000 apps available, that over a 50% increase from last year.. tens of millions of users are now using the platform so we doubt it will slow any time soon. Govil-Pai, Google’s Senior Director of Product Management for Android TV said Google is, “investing and is 100 percent committed to it, and we’re putting our best foot forward on it.”

More good news on the apps as they have also seen a increase in users, but it seems a couple of the developers are yet to give their apps a makeover fitting for Android TV. It seems Google are attempting to speak to those parties who are yet to have invested the resource. Prime Video is on route and should be with us midsummer.

Google also confirmed, possibly because the talks aren’t going to well so far, that they will be introducing a Play Store redesign. This new design has been forecast to add a cinematic experience to users and allow video application previews. When more video apps have been included on the platform, Google want to focus of Education and Fitness apps, so no real surprise there, as that’s the direction all developers seem to want to tackle.

So Google have confirmed that the new Android TV hardware is on route and we can expect the announcements in the coming weeks, safe to say it could be in time for Christmas.

*Please note: Android are supplying the software on the TVs. They are not manufacturing their own TVs.