Another company admit to Coronavirus impact, Microsoft

Another company has come forward admitting Coronavirus is having an impact, this time it is Microsoft.

We know full well by now that Coronavirus is out and it doesn’t seem to be giving us a moment to deal with the outcomes.

Just as China are amid the chaos and disruption of the virus, we now know it has traveled both to Europe and America.

Microsoft has said that because the Chinese suppliers have been shut down, manufacturing will be affected.

This delay could negatively impact on sales, we have heard similar stories from Apple and of course the innovative approach Jaguar Land Rover has taken to get parts shipped in suitcases.

Factories are now reopening in China, however Microsoft has said this is happening at a slower rate than expected.

Many other suppliers are suffering the same disruption, however the Chinese government is doing all it can to ensure the virus does not affect any more of the population.

“While our facilities in China have been delayed in their return to normal operations, our facilities in a number of other markets, including Vietnam, India and Mexico, are running at full capacity and expansion plans for some of our global facilities are being rolled out,” Foxconn an Apple parts supplier.

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