Apple AirPods Max will hit shelves mid-December £549

The new Apple over-ear headphones have been revealed, the AirPods Max will hit shelves mid-December and come at the lofty price of £549.

Well at that price you are going to have to make some decisions on whether you want a top of the range console, like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

As with most Apple products the price tag is high, however Sennheiser or Sony models would reflect about three fifths of the cost.

The wireless and noise cancelling headphones have been craved by many Apple lovers over the past couple of months, with hushed rumours spiralling.

Apple has said that due to the internal makeup on the headphones they are truly, “the ultimate personal listening experience”.

With a new H1 chip and memory foam ear cups, but is this really enough to warrant such an outrageously high price tag?

Some of the other features boasted by the now AirPods are:

    a digital crown, a dial that allows content to be scrolled through, first shown off on the Apple Watch
    automatic pause when you lift one ear cup
    device switching so you can take a call on iPhone while listening to music on another Apple device
    20 hours of battery life

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