Apple AirTags locating device for tracking

Apple may be in the midst of developing AirTags a new type of locating device for tracking devices without chips and geolocating.

In 2020 apple has announced numerous devices, including over-ear headphones, new iPhones and even Mac.

However, they didn’t reveal something, which could be the most curious of gadgets, similar to the Tile, a locating device.

There are many rumours regarding the so called AirTags, with code noticed in the iOS 14, which allowed connectivity to the handset.

It is considered that the AirTags will be small Bluetooth devices, likely plastic and very small, which could be slipped into wallets, attached to keys and even hidden in shoes.

Once these devices are then connected to the iPhone the user could be made aware of the location of the lost article.

It is believed the devices will likely only work with Apple products, but will also be multidirectional giving you the ability to find a lost phone with just the touch of a button.

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