Apple anew A16 chip in the Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max

A well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that the new A16 chip may only be present in the Apple iPhone 14 and 14 Pro Max.

This means that the standard phone and the Max will only have the existing A15 chip, which is already being used in the iPhone 13.

Also, all models of the new Apple iPhone 14 may come with 6GB of RAM and the higher end devices will feature the LPDDR5 memory.

Apple has never previously offered two completely different processors in a same model since the iPhone 5 ad 5C, no matter the difference in cost.

So these could be some pretty big changes arriving, along with a 6.7” screen on the Max device, this would be the first time a non-pro phone is offered such a large screen.

The other thing missing is the 5.4” display, which seems to have been missed from this year’s line up.

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