Apple AR Maps

Google maps has always been the first place of call when you are looking to map out a journey. However, Apple are catching up fast and now they have released a new patent for augmented reality to be encompassed in the system.

The patent Apple have applied for is worded as, ‘Navigation Using Augmented Reality’, This would mean a artificial view of the surrounding is overlaid on the road ahead.

Requiring the iPhone to be on the top of the dash or windscreen, at least until all cars have front cameras and Apple software to allow it to be included in the vehicle itself.

What the driver will be able to see on the screen of the phone will be the view from the camera with mapping and travel information overlaid.

At present if you have a navigation system it is likely you are looking down on the roads, which Apple feel is not very driver encompassing. Also each and every-time you see more than one exit on a roundabout it is very difficult to determine which is your exit. However, would seeing the exit in front of you make this process easier?

In the words of Apple, “by superimposing the navigational layer over the captured images, the user can clearly and easily understand which lane to be positioned in without having to decipher how general symbols correlate with the real world.”

There have been concerns raised by transport persons that having a computer generated imaged over the top of your view would obstruct the driver, but how would this differ from a head up display.

As always with patents we cant be sure this will go ahead, bt if it did you can be sure to see Google trying something similar if it comes off.

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