Apple delayed staff going back until January due to surging COVID

Apple has delayed staff going back into the office until at least January due to concerns relating to the surging COVID cases.

Thursday last week Apple informed its employees via an internal memo. In the same memo they advised staff get vaccinated.

It isn’t the first US company to change plans relating to employees returning to the office, due to the Delta variant and effects in the country.

Apple has already delayed recalling staff, from September to October, they will be going back to flexible working though with 3 days minimum in the office.

Staff have also been requested to test at home, some as many as three times per week.

Some US stores have closed or reduced operating hours due to rising COVID infection rates and self-isolating staff.

Some US companies have enforced their staff being vaccinated to return to the office.

COVID cases in the US have now reached over 200,000 per day, that’s almost as high as seen at the peak of the countries struggle against the pandemic.

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