Apple Digital Identity postponed to 2022

The Apple Digital Identity has been postponed to 2022 with no actual release date available to the public this follows the uncovering of taxpayers footing the bills.

The digital identity has been widely anticipated by Apple customers, however it was unveiled a coupe of weeks ago that taxpayers would be maintaining some of the costs.

The concept was to allow some residents of states to store state identification on their Apple iPhones in the Apple Wallet.

The delay has not publicised by Apple, but it has been noticed on the recent IOS 15 update page information.

Apple has also yet to confirm any dates for the release of the new feature, but the website still seems to state late 2021.

8 States have currently signed up to be included in the Apple digital ID, Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Apple has stated they are in conversations with other US states relating to the introduction of the feature.

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