Apple dropping Intel

Apple is apparently switching the Intel CPUs to its own ARM-based design from next year.

The change has been rumored for a while now, Apple switched the chips in the Mac from PowerPc to Intel back in 2006.

Having originally decided upon PowerPC back in the 1980’s, Apple had been struggling with from a platform unable to scale with the architecture of their computers.

Steve Jobs switched the Mac’s to Intel and this was foreseen at the time as a “second coming”.

The decision was enforced as a spearhead to ensure the Macintosh was able to scale to the future of where Steve Jobs saw the company going.

This allowed Apple to focus on their own platform and scale it, instead of attempting to build everything in-house.

In 2006 Apple sold 5.5m Macs in a PC market of 226m units, but in 2019 it sold ~275m iOS devices (and ~20m Macs) in a PC market of 250m units.

ARM, not Intel, is the standard for mobile, and the iOS devices already run Apple’s own custom ARM-based CPU designs, which get comparable performance to mainstream Intel PC chips. Apple, and ARM, has the scale now.

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