Apple fix security flaws found on devices

An update has been released by Apple to fix the security flaws found on iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices that hackers may have been actively exploiting.

Apple stated in the release news that the update, “provides important security updates and is recommended for all users”.

The flaw had the ability to allow hackers to take complete control of devices say some industry experts.

Many hardware devices were susceptible to the potential security flaw, and all owners of the Apple devices are recommended to upgrade.

Apple has said the flaw is exploited through WebKit, which is the engine powering Safari, and hackers could exploit devices if the user accessed “maliciously-crafted web content”.

No confirmed reports of users being affected have come to light as of yet, however this is one update we shouldn’t ignore.

You can check your current software version by going to setting>General>Software Update, then ensure you are running a version 15.6.1 or later.

Alternatively, you can turn on automatic updates and this will ensure your device is always updated to the most up to date version.

Apple has also stated on the security update page that, “Apple doesn’t disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are available”.

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