Apple has given up on the AirPower multi device charging

Apple has given up on the AirPower again, a multi device charging unit seems to be too much of a struggle for the company leaks have suggested.

The AirPower was first announced in 2017, but cancelled after just 2 years, however earlier this year reports suggested that it was making a comeback.

Sadly, though new leaks have been released from Jon Prosser a prominent Tweeter with a mixed track record, that Apple has dropped the device from the 2021 schedule.

This is just weeks following the release of the Samsung released the Trio, capable of doing exactly what Apple aimed for, as the name suggests charging 3 devices.

Now apple has adapted the charging function to the iPhone 12 with the MagSafe, it is likely this leak is true despite the dubious founding.

It would be great to charge 3 Apple devices, especially as the headphone port no longer exists, however this may just be a dream for those with an Apple for now.

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