Apple has launched official MagSafe Battery Pack iPhone 12

Apple has launched an official MagSafe magnetic Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 due to be released later this year

Orders are already open in the US for purchases of the new external battery due for release between July 22nd and the 26th.

Prices start at just $99, which may see a lot compared to alternative battery packs which can be purchased without the Apple branding.

Apple has previously released battery cases for it’s handsets, but this new product attaches to the back using magnets.

Although the back is simply a battery, it is unlikely to make the headlines, however, you could also charge up your AirPods… perhaps or other devices that support wireless charging.

The pack will be capable of charging with up to 5W of power, so certainly not lightening fast charges.

Additionally you will need to ensure you are running on iOS 14.7 or later to allow the device to even work.

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