Apple introduced the capability to delete sent messages

The struggle is real when you send a text message then instantly regret doing so Apple has now introduced the capability to delete sent messages.

Of course, we have all sent those drunk texts to an ex or an invite to the wrong person for a night out, which means you might have some awkward following up conversations.

Many apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messages already have this capability, however it is only now you’ll be able to do this on an iMessage.

The Apple iOS 16 beta will feature this new feature, but unless the person you are sending to is also on iOS 16 there will be no capacity to delete.

In order to use the feature you will need to hold down on the message, a drop down list will then appear and you can then select, ’Undo Send’.

This option isn’t eternal though and will actually disappear after 2 minutes, so you will need to make up your mind as soon as you have sent the message.

Editing the message you will have a little bit longer, a full 15 minutes to make any corrections to messages sent.

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