Apple lost the fight, MEPs have voted for universal charger

A single universal charger has been voter for by members of the European Parliament, something which Apple have been set against.

All small portable devices, such as handsets or tablets are to use identical chargers in future, following a vote which passed with 582 votes in favour, out of 622.

The Members of European Parliament have been pushing for this universal cable to years and during January the issues surfaced again much to Apples disappointment.

However, Apple may still be lucky as the devices themselves could still, in theory, use different ports.

This move would have positive environmental impact, as it means devices would not need to be sold with a new charger each time, rather you would be able to reuse existing chargers.

The main culprit of having alternative charging cables is Apple, as most Android devices use USB-C, rather than the apple lightening.

This isn’t the only issue though as almost all handsets have a USB-A to wall charger, however the new Google Pixel 4 uses USB-C.

This move may make current cables slightly redundant though so we may all have USB-C to USB-A ports.

It may also restrict innovation in the charging cable world, restricting the manufacturers.

These common standards have been wanted by European courts for the past decade, with the abolishing of cables supposedly reducing waste by 51,000 tonnes.

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