Apple release AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are out, smaller, more comfortable and with better sound than their predecessor, but £250, are they worth it?

Well to start on the comfort front, the original AirPods were not great for this. With fixed plastic inserts ‘supposedly’ sitting comfortably in ear.

Whereas what actually happened for most people is that they were too small or too large for their ears, however reviews so far in relation to the AirPods Pro have been positive for comfort .

They hang comfortably on the ear and with a much shorter stem, every ear is unique and Apple have done well to finally realise this with their new design.

With three ergonomic silicon tips, you can choose what feels most comfortable for you and the activity that you are embarking on.

The silicon tips also have a hardener area for connecting to the buds themselves, therefore ensuring a better grip than some silicon tips which just fall off the headphones when pulled gently.
Previous Apple AirPods have been waterproof.

The stem of the buds is not just for holding and placing the pods in ear, they also contain a haptic button that replaces the previous AirPod tap interaction, instead you now give them a squeeze

A single squeeze will pause and play the track, whereas if you are to squeeze and hold it will switch between the noise cancellation and transparency modes. you can also assign different modes to the squeezes in settings.

The AirPods pro also have the ability to check the snugness of the fitting, so if you are wearing a size of tip which is too small you’ll know.

The reviews about the sound have been great so far, and so they should be at that price tag.

The way in which the noise cancelling works with Apple if that the AirPods will always be listening to surrounding noise and will adjust accordingly to drown out the noise.

Whereas the transparency mode uses the microphones to beam in ambient noise, so if you are trying to listen to a conversation, but not too hard they will work well.

However, either of these setting will cause your battery to deplete, reviews say about 1/10th of battery will be lost if you decide to use either setting.

Going without the setting will likely put you in good stead for reaching the claimed battery life, which is 24 hours in standard mode.

With wireless charging and a visible light to show the battery life whilst charging, you can always check how the charge is fairing, but the case is a bit larger than the previous AirPods.

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