Apple Tracker Detect will allow Android to search for AirTags

Apple has released a new app called the Tracker Detect that will allow Android users to search for the Apple AirTags and other Find-My tech.

The new app will allow users to send out a signal to nearby devices in order for them to play the sound.

This is to help users locate devices even if they are not using an Apple iPhone or other Find-My application capable technology.

You will then be able to check the tech to see who it belongs to and disable it if needs be.

Apple had originally announced the release of the application in June, this was in order to allow android users to find maliciously placed tracking tech.

However, the IOS will allow the user to constantly scan for any Find-My gadgets, whereas the Android version will require a manual search.

The Tracker Detect also will not allow Android users to actually use AirTags as it will not allow you to keep track of them, just to know if they are nearby.

So this app will be less for finding your things if you have an Android, and more about whether someone is trying to track you.

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