Apple Watch Series 7 a little bigger

Apple has announced a new Apple Watch Series 7 with a big design shift that will be the first since 2018 and making the watch a little bigger.

Making the watch bigger has its own benefits, allowing 50% more text on the screen and also making the keyboard slightly less unusable.

The watch will be dust resistant and with the new iOS 8 it will be capable of working out when you are riding a bike.

However, it seems the international chip shortage will cause issues for the new Apple Watch alongside all of the other technology that has been affected.

Apple has said that we should expect to see the next model in stores in the Autumn, however, went on to say at the Apple event that the new iPhone and iPad will be available in a couple of weeks.

The Apple watch currently has a high percentage of international sales, currently owning almost 50% of the market.

Leo Gebbie, principal analyst at CCS Insight said,“At first glance the latest Apple Watch is another iterative update, but the larger screen allowing bigger virtual buttons and a full qwerty keyboard should certainly improve usability,”.

People are holding on to phones for longer than ever before, with each person keeping a phone for 3-5 years, however batteries are still not being developed to last very long.

Recently Apple has received several lawsuits for restricting battery capacity on older handsets.

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