Apple’s Accidental Announcement Admission

Patently Apple noticed an interesting new patent, which was filed by apple, which is looking back to touch ID tech. Therefore, it is back, but from what the patent states it will not be as you have seen before.

Building on the concept of their competition, Apple could be bringing back the Touch ID. This feature will be built into the display of the new iPhones by installing a pinhole camera under the screen. Unlike its competition the touch capability will be across the entirety of the screen allowing users to place their finger anywhere and still unlock the device.

The patent design also included images of the designs, which gives the impression that there is already working prototypes. They went into further detail in the patents describing how the fingerprints will not only be mapped, but also a 3D model will be built. Apple seem to have filed 4 patents giving the impression that this is a feature which they are investing heavily in, and it’s not just going to be a replacement to the Face ID but 2 factor authentication!

Apple are attempting to replace the passport with this new hyper secure dual biometrics. We will be keeping an eye on the story for you!