Apple’s bid for a hearing declined Supreme Court

Apple’s bid for a hearing over the two Qualcomm patents first raised in 2017 has been declined by the Supreme Court.

US Patent No. 7,844,037 and US Patent No. 8,683,362 were filed in 2017 and were part of lawsuits, which infringed iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches.

Apple and Qualcomm did reach a settlement in 2019, following a international myriad of legal cases relating to patents.

Then they remained in the licensing agreement after all, however a case was allowed to be raised to the Patent and Trademark Office and continued.

The court then ruled in favor of Qualcomm and allowed both of the patents, despite the arguments from Apple.

In April of 2021 the request for appeal was also blocked, this covered both the two aforementioned patents, but also thousands of others.

Apple is now appealing to the supreme court and states that the concern is that Qualcomm could use the patents in a future lawsuit once licenses expire in 2025.

It has now also been rejected under the current administration.

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