Backward compatibility PS5 over 4000 PS4 games but some errors

The backward compatibility of the PS5 has officially been detailed to the press, it will include the capability of playing over 4000 PS4 games, but some may have errors.

Sony has said that they have attempted to ensure the transition to the next gen will be as smooth as possible, however some unexpected behavior has been noted during testing.

There are also some functionalities which you would have got used to playing on PS4, that may not be available on the PS5.

No evidence has been released to detail which games will have trouble running on the PS5, however Sony has listed some that will not work at all.

However, this may not be the only drawback to the backward compatibility, Sony has also noted you may not be able to use some features within PS4 games.

    The share menu can’t be displayed within PS4 games running on the PS5
    Screenshots need to be generated using the create button on a DualSense controller

Sony has also gone on to say that selected older PS4 games will have the functionality to run at higher frame rates, however are yet to disclose which games are included.

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