BBC launch Beeb in beta

The BBC has announced today the beta launch of their first virtual assistance the Beeb, boasted as the “the first public service voice assistant.”

If you are currently a Windows beta tester you will have the ability to download the Beeb now and have a play.

Due to the changing ways that the population absorbs media, the BBC are quickly being left behind offering only the BBC iPlayer.

It is not until the past couple of yours where we have seen BBC content break the norm and become available on more common streaming providers like Netflix.

Amazon and Google currently hold the crown on smart home assistants, however BBC are trying to have more control over user experience and user data.

Beeb is however limited to BBC content. so much like they have done with offering their shows to streaming providers, it is likely they will need to offer the Beeb to hardware providers.

This could mean that your Alexa will host a BBC Beeb, allowing you to access the full BBC iPlayer on your Alexa.

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