BMW heated seat subscriptions for £15 per month

BMW has started to offer heated seat subscriptions for £15 per month so even though your car will come with heated seats you may not be able to use them.

It’s not just the heated seats though as BMW are adding subscription to other features too, such as the heated steering wheel.

BMW has already had subscription features available for other things around the car in the UK, however the heated seat has only just started.

However, you can pay up front and enable all of the features strait away if you would prefer.

The additional features can be activated using the BMW ConnectedDrive online store this will then remotely activate the features on the car.

You won’t need to visit a dealer for this, so if you want a heated seat for the 3 coldest months of the year, you could actually make a saving over the cost of having the feature enabled at purchase.

Subscriptions also enable drivers to “experiment with a feature by purchasing a short-term trial before committing to a purchase”, BMW said.

Although as the heated steering wheel only costs £200, if you purchase is for just 20 months in a row, then it would be cheaper to buy it outright at the start.

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