Cheaper Disney Plus with adverts

A new version of Disney Plus will be arriving next year and it will offer a cheaper solution for all your Disney needs but there will be adverts.

Due in the US in 2022 then expanding to the international market, but why would you want a platform that has adverts.

Disney are yet to share the cost saving to the end user, however with the standard Disney Plus licence costing only £7.99, would you want to pay less?

In the US it is becoming the norm to add a version of streaming services with adverts for a reduced cost, HBO has already introduced a version of HBO Max.

However, this version not only introduces adverts, but also reduces the 4K content available through the platform.

With HBO there is a $5 per month saving if you select this option, however the base price is higher than that of Disney Plus.

Hulu another US streaming service, owned by Disney also offer this tiered approach, however the cost saving is almost half the monthly price.

As Disney Plus is already at a fair price compared to it’s competition, is it worth introducing another tier, possibly for those already purchasing Netflix and Prime, the cost saving may be advantageous.

Subscriber growth for Disney has slowed, so that may be the reasoning behind the new tier introduction.

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