DeLorean Motor Company all new electric sportscar

The DeLorean Motor Company has come back to the future with an all new revitalised electric version of the marmite like 80’s sportscar.

The new car is an EV and will feature similar gull wing doors as its predecessor, however that is where the similarities will stop as this new electric supercar reaches 60 in just 2.99 seconds.

That’s competition for most hypercars and ever racing cars, but the fun doesn’t stop there, as 88mph can be achieved in just 4.35, so you’ll definitely be getting to where you need on time.

The new car or Alpha 5 is not being developed by the same company as that which created the 80’s version.

Nor is John DeLorean behind the design or financials of the company, as he passed away in 2005, and the original DMC liquidated in 1982.

This is the brainchild of a Texas company, whose origins began in supplying parts for the original DeLorean, then managed to purchase the brand.

It is claimed the Alpha 5 will boast a 100kWh battery and offer a range of 300 miles, all alongside a top speed of 155.

However. That’s just the standard model and the performance version have yet to be revealed, might they be packing a flux capacitor.

The original DeLorean also was based around a 2-person design; however, this new car is more family orientated, with capacity for 4 persons, with ample leg room.

Italdesign has been roped into the project, the same designers who played a role in the original 1981 car, however as you can see from the images this certainly fits in more with what’s on the road now.

The official public unveiling isn’t until August, but I hope you are as excited as we are for some time travelling shenanigans.

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