Disney+ has more that 50 million subscribers

The new streaming service Disney+ has just surpassed 50 million subscribers, huge number considering they have not rolled out internationally yet.

The numbers have risen drastically since February when the disclosed numbers were closer to 28 million reported during an earnings call with investors in February.

The massive rise is due to some large expansion to the companies offering, including countries such as the UK, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland.

However. the launch of Disney+ was delayed in France over fears it may , however these concerns were quelled and the platform is now available there too.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to premiere in August, with WandaVision in December, and The Mandalorian returning for a second season in October. These films and series add to the already huge offering of Marvel and Lucasfilm hits, that have seen box office figures unlike anything the industry has seen before.

“We’re truly humbled that Disney Plus is resonating with millions around the globe, and believe this bodes well for our continued expansion throughout Western Europe and into Japan and all of Latin America later this year,” Kevin Mayer, Disney’s head of direct-to-consumer, said in a press release.

“Great storytelling inspires and uplifts, and we are in the fortunate position of being able to deliver a vast array of great entertainment rooted in joy and optimism on Disney Plus.”
Due to the current pandemic, cinemas are not open, therefore the only way to watch new films and series are streaming providers, we have already seen providers improve their offerings to meet demand.