Disney+ UK launch has been brought forward

New streaming services have been the norm for 2020 and so has the US getting them first, Disney+ is no different, but it will be coming to the UK a week early.

The service will be arriving in the UK on the 24th of March rather than the 31st, which was originally announced.

Disney has also been kind enough to let us know the exact pricing, £5.99 per month (still 63p more expensive than the US) or £59.99 for the year, therefore it shapes up well next to the competition from Netflix and Apple.

When Disney+ was first launched in Canada and the US it quickly became the most downloaded app and the UK isn’t the only one to get this great news, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, will also be graced with the presence a week early.

As the Netherlands wast used as a beta, they already have access and did so for free for a while.

The Netherlands already has access as it was used as a testing ground for the platform.

The Disney+ content will be vast, from Marvel all the way back to the Disney cartoons you either remember as a child or watching with your children, and all the content will be in 4K.

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