Do you require clarity, try a transparent TV

Rollable televisions and now transparent, LG seem to be leading the way in innovative thinking around what the sitting room device should look like.

To start with the company are looking to focus the sales to companies for storefronts and public advertisements, however as the market changes, we could soon see them being introduced to the regular consumer.

The reason for this in commercial spaces is clear, when walking round a shop or along the street, you will be able to witness the advert from every single angle, also as its not something you may have seen before it will likely also draw interest.

But, and this is a big but, Samsung did try this before, Samsung previously successfully developed a transparent design, which was swiftly dropped due to dwindling sales and high manufacture cost.

Since then Samsung have worked in QLED which is a LCD TV with enhanced brightness in addition to a quantum dot filter, which enhances the contrast of the images.

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