EE guaranteeing 5G across the UK by 2028

Everything Everywhere the slogan for EE may become actuality with the company guaranteeing 5G across the UK by 2028.

The phone network has announced that half of the UK population will have 5G in just two years time.

With the other 50% receiving it in the following five years, they also looked to include an additional 4500 square miles of 4G to rural areas.

This is quite a big promise for the telecoms company to meet up to, but it won’t be the first time they have surpassed expectations.

Some Remote areas without the ability to hard wire 5G signals, have required a little more conceptual thinking with portable cell drones and satellites being the end goal.

the expansion of 3G services is due to come to an end customers currently using these services with EE, BT Mobile and ever Plusnet will be phased off over the next two years.

The UK government has set an ambitious target of 2027 for 50% of the UK to have 5G coverage, however he will be surpassing this.

OneWeb is the company EE will be using to offer the connectivity to more rural areas, OneWeb is currently part owned by the British taxpayer.

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